July 9th, 2009


The Brunnen-G Final Hour

If this should be our final stand,
We will stand together with pride,
We will honour the past, and fight to the last,
It will be a good way to die.

It matters not, if the cause is lost,
And we can not stop the tide
We will fight to the end, and then fight again,
It will be a good way to die.

Our time is short, our chance is grim,
But I will not give into fear,
I can face death with an open heart,
If I know that you are near.

This moment will live on through time,
If anyone ever asks why.
The Brunnen-G did not fall on their knees,
You will know they found a good way to die.

Yo Way Yo,
Home Va Ya Ray.
Yo Way Rah
Jerhume Brunnen-G!
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